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Pergo, Painter’s Tape and a Plan



Oh, actually this was on my vinyl kitchen floor, not Pergo.

Anyway. . .

I recently saw a more complicated version of this activity on Pinterest.  I simplified it into a spiral maze and used a black marker to ink the letters in alphabetical order on the tape.  If you do this, be sure to change the direction of the letters after every new angle so that they will be facing the right direction as your child follows the tape.  Show your child how to drive on the tape – he’ll get it right away.  I also had the children walk the tape and say the letters as they stepped on them.

Don’t forget to get your tape up after 10 days or so and use painter’s tape, NOT masking tape.  Otherwise you’ll have a much harder time.

A House is a House for Me – Animal Habitats

Animal habitats (which animal lives in which environment) is a commonly-covered topic in preschool and kindergarten programs and curricula.  A House is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hobermann is a book that uses sing-song repetitive text and fun illustrations to run down an extensive list of animals and objects and the homes they “live” in.  The line “A House is a House for Me” is repeated throughout the book, making for a fun predictable reading experience.

Here’s a free animal habitat printable activity to go with A House is a House for Me that I worked on over the weekend:
A House is a House for Me blanks.

This activity goes with the book but can be also be used as a stand-alone.  It looks like this:

A House is a House for Me blanks

A House is a House for Me blanks 2

There are three sheets of fill-in-the-blanks (only one is shown) and one page of cards to cut to use to fill in the blanks.  I made these up as PEC boards – laminated all the pages and cut the page of fill-ins.  Then opposing Velcro to the empty squares and the cards was applied.


Read the text, “A (fill in the blank) is a home for a . . .” and allow your child to pick out the correct animal and place it in the empty square.  Remember, if your child has special needs, he may need more time to process the question than typical children.  If you give him extra time and he is still struggling, silently point to the correct card and allow him to pick it up and put it in the right spot.  This way your child experiences success no matter what is ability level is.  Depending on where he is in cognition, you may find it will take a few times of you pointing to the animals before he will be able to select them independently.  No worries – give your child as much support as he needs to be successful.  Also, don’t forget to say the word on the card once your child has selected it.  If your child tolerates repetition, now that the card is in the box, go back and repeat the entire sentence from the beginning.  Repetition is so important for our special little ones.

U-Tube Videos for Education – Shapes

My friends, after an entire 12 months of blogging, I have FINALLY figured out that I too can put video directly on my WordPress blog.  To celebrate, I have some You-tube videos for you that Noah (6 with Down syndrome) and I watched last week.  Just click on the arrow in the center of each screen shot. Short descriptions of each video are below the screen shot. If you’d like to view the video in full screen, click on the rectanglular box in the bottom right corner of the screen shot. Enjoy!

A catchy rap-type song with simple PEC-type graphics for each shape.

More shapes to a Beatle-ish tune with pictures made out of shapes.

A mellow, dreamy song with simple cartoon shapes that morph. The video and lyrics highlight the number and placement of sides each shape has.

A run-down of the 2-D shapes to a rap/soul beat. This video also points out things in our environment that are examples of shapes. The number of sides of each shape are highlighted and counted.

A Sesame Street-ish video and song pointing out shapes in our environment. Nicely done with shapes being outlined in highlighting.

You can find all these videos and more ideas for working with shapes on my Shaping Up Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/mamajoyx9/shaping-up-preschool/.