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Not Quite as Smart as I thought I was

So, after a disappearing act from Noah a few weeks ago while we were leisurely contemplating staying in bed for just a few more minutes, I came up with some pretty serious armour to keep Noah from going outside.  (His door opens to the front porch.)  Baby proof doorknob cover, lock the door just in case, deadbolt it, and an extra flap lock out of Noah’s reach.  Day after day, he’s happily playing in his room when I come to check on him in the morning.  No more escapes.  Mommy’s brilliant tactics win again.


Last weekend I went out Noah’s door to the porch to talk to Andrew.  I shut the door behind me.  I think Andrew and I were sharing a quick kiss or hug or something, and I heard Noah lauging at the window.  Ha ha.  He thinks it’s funny that mommy and daddy are kissing.  How cute.   My darling boy.

I put my hand on the doorknob to come back inside.  Nothing.  The darn thing wouldn’t turn.  Number one reason why doorknobs don’t turn?  Because they are locked.  Number one reason why children laugh at the window at their parents outside?  Because they locked the door.

“NOAH!!!!”  As I yelled his name, I distinctly remembered a similar scene 14 years ago when my eldest daughter thought something similar was hilarious.  I think it took me 15 minutes to get her to open the door.

Back to Noah.  Then I heard a clink, clunk and clank.  That would be the door lock turning, the deadbolt turning, and the flap lock being flipped.  And then he opened the door.

Apparently he has just been humoring me these last few weeks by staying in his room in the morning.  Glad it didn’t take him 15 minutes to open the door.

Lost and Found – DIY ID Bracelet

Our biggest fear is that someday Noah will wander away from us and we will not be able to find him.  I’m sure I have more separation anxiety than Noah does, but in any case, it’s a fear that we really need to address, because it is quite possible that someday it will happen.  People with Down syndrome (and I’ve heard autism too) seem to have a habit of wandering, and although we have had success with training him to stay close, there are times when he has gotten away from us for brief periods of time.

There are products on the market that address this via GPS and other tracking devices, but the thought of paying monthly for something we hope to never need is not too attractive.  The devices that start beeping when the child is more than a certain number of feet away isn’t practical, because we are surrounded by property where we live, so there’s no way to know in which direction he is heading (although I guess next door where the horses and the best neighbors in the world are would be a good guess).

Last year I thought of making a beaded ID bracelet for him with my telephone number on it, but alas I could not find number beads anywhere.  I saw a pin (http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305529395448/) of this kind of bracelet last week, so now I had proof the beads existed, but I just didn’t know where.  That’s where Hobby Lobby comes in.  Yay Hobby Lobby.  I found my number beads there on Saturday and set to work making this bracelet.

Noah loved it!!!!

For about five minutes.


So now to either train him to tolerate it (too much energy) or come up with an alternative.  I’m thinking I could clip it to the belt loops of the back of his shorts – he’ll never know it’s there.

And I plan on making these for my toddlers.

An interesting side note.  I realized today my six youngest children probably don’t know their phone number.

Gasp.  I know what you’re thinking.  Those darn homeschoolers – poor kids.

One of the scariest things about homeschooling is realizing there are going to be gaps, gaps where your children miss being educated on some subject or topic that they really ought to cover.

As a more experienced homeschooler, now I know that all children have gaps in their learning, public schooled, private schooled, homeschooled.  Fortunately, because I am the teacher in this homeschool, I can usually choose which things fall into the gap category and which things are way too important to miss, like Bible, manners, character, Constitutional law.  I just didn’t mean for phone numbers to fall into that gap.  It’s just my children are never anywhere where they need to call me (except the 17-year-old who seems to have known her phone number from birth :)).  Whenever they are away from me, they’re always with another adult, and if they need to call me, the other adult is always the one who dials, and they already know my number.

Anyway, I aim to bridge that gap this week.  Everybody has to know their phone number by Friday.  Gosh, with everything programmed into my phone these days, I hope I remember it.

Blessings and prayers for a good week, y’all!