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AWANA Cubby Bear Hug 7 – John 17:17

Please note these materials are not endorsed by AWANA.  They are just this momma’s effort to help her little boy with Down syndrome and others with communication disorders plant the seeds of the Word of God in their hearts.

Another PEC board for our little ones using the preschool AWANA Appleseed book, and everybody else wanting to help their kiddos learn scripture.  Use these as PECS or use them as sequencing cards, fun for one and all.

AWANA Bear Hug 7 John 17 17

These cards were made over at www.mrsriley.com.


AWANA Bear Hug 6 – Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 is such a foundational scripture, it is repeated from Bear Hug 3 for Bear Hug 6.  If you printed off Bear Hug 3, just use it again.  For the rest of you, here it is:

awana Bear Hug 3 Genesis 1 1

Reality Check – These free Scripture printables of Genesis 1:1 are in no way created or endorsed by AWANA.  They are just this mama’s attempt to help her little boy with Down syndrome  and others with special needs plant the seeds of God’s Word in their hearts.

AWANA Cubby Bear Hug 5 – Genesis 1:31 in PECs

Reciting Scripture is a great way to introduce memory skills to your children.  Noah (5-DS) is enjoying AWANA Cubbies so much, and he is using PEC cards to recite his Scripture along with his group.

Here is AWANA Cubby Bear Hug 5 Genesis 1 31.

Here is the link to the first post of AWANA Cubby Bear Hug cards and directions for using them:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/awanas-newest-cubby/

Don’t forget these also work well for older kids, with or without special needs.  Just cut them up and have your child put them back in the right order.

Disclaimer:  These cards are in no way endorsed by AWANA.  They are just this momma’s way of helping her little boy and other’s like him hide God’s word in His heart.

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