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CAN He Do It??? Take 2

Yes He Can!!!

(This is a re-post from my original post, which I just realized deleted a bunch of pictures and text.  Blahhhh)

We spent some time this morning working with CANS, since we’re working on letter C activities this week.  We had canned green beans and canned CORN.   My kids, for some reason, LOVE playing with the cans in the pantry.  They are constantly taking them out and stacking them, putting them in a toy grocery cart, or bagging them for pretend play.  Bella (3) joined Noah (5, DS) and me for this activity.

Our work here, again, falls into the category of life skills, since Noah will need to differentiate between cans of vegetables in his activities of daily living.  When to start working on those ADLs?  There’s no time like the present!!!!

Instead of working on things like ADL skills or alphabet skills in isolation, it is both practical and beneficial to work on them fluidly.  This way, our children with special needs learn that corn is not just corn when he sees it in the bin at the grocery store, it’s not just corn when he sees the label on the can in the pantry, it’s not just corn when he eats it straight from the cob.  It’s all of those things.  It’s also true that our children need to see that numbers don’t just apply to the buttons we count out into muffin tins, or the figures on the refrigerator, they apply to all objects and numerals.

So, we did our usual counting by lining the cans up and pointing and counting together,

patterning by placing one can of corn, then one can of green beans:

sorting by contents (there’s a corn stack and a green bean stack),

and stacking one on bottom, one on top (bottom and top being targeted vocabulary.

What CAN you do with cans?

Kid Friendly Non-Toxic Green Cleaning with Vinegar

This post started out being about another alphabet activity for the letter C, CLEANING.  But I really have more to share about what’s in the bottle than how clean Noah got my cabinets, and how important it is to teach living skills to our little ones.  So I think I’ll address living skills in another post and focus here on my favorite all around cleanser.

My Littles are always asking me if they can clean, meaning they want to use the spray and rags.  This is one of the reasons I use a homemade cleaning spray, 1 part vinegar to 1 part water plus a variety of essential oils.  I have found it to be a very effective cleaner, and it’s completely harmless unless taken in large quantities.  Will it sting if it gets in their eyes?  Yes, but if they’re going to get a spray in their eyes, they are much better off with something mild and nontoxic like vinegar versus Lysol or 409.  When I need something more than the vinegar and water, I throw down a small amount of baking soda on the surface needing attention, give it a little spritz, fizz, fizz, fizz, wipe, wipe, wipe, and I’ve got a sparkling clean countertop, stove, or whatever else it is that needs to be de-nastified.

Here’s what the experts have to say about using vinegar as a household cleaner:
  • An all-in-one cleaner,’ so there is no need to buy an arsenal of cleaners for different purposes.
  • Non-toxic, so there is no fear of breathing harmful chemicals while cleaning. (But do not even THINK about mixing it with other chemicals like bleach because of the toxic results of mixing.) 
  • Gentle on hands, so there is no need to wear rubber gloves.
  • Cleans streak free, so there is no need to rinse after cleaning.
  • Safe around young children, so there is no fear of a child being poisoned.
  • Environmentally friendly, so there are no harmful chemicals going down the drain.
  • Economical, much less expensive than other cleaners.
Can’t stand the smell of vinegar?  Neither can I, so I add in about 20-30 drops of essential oils like lemon, lavender, peppermint (YUM), rosemary, orange or lime.  I love the smell of clean, and I love the smell of earthy clean even more!
Got any other green cleaning tips to share?  I’d love to have a few new ones under my belt.

Playing With Our Food – Another Letter C Activity

Cucumber and Carrot Art

Here’s a fun way to incorporate C words, painting, shapes and color matching.  Noah loved this, and it kept him busy and focused longer than usual.

 This is a prime example of why I need to post our activities more than once a week.  All I was hoping to do was use two C words to paint a picture.  In the process of doing, this I captured SO many unexpected teachable moments.  I just love it when that happens.

Activity:  Carrot and cucumber painting


  1. One 2-inch piece of sliced carrot.  Make sure one end of it is completely flat so it will mark a complete circle on the page.
  2. One 2-inch piece of sliced cucumber.  Make sure one end of it is completely flat so it will mark a complete circle on the page.
  3. Orange and green tempera paint.
  4. Paper.

Directions:  Show your child the vegetables, highlighting the fact that the words start with c, the circle shape, the colors of the vegetables.  Then show your child how to dip the vegetables (flat side down) in the paint and press it on the paper.  Kids LOVE to play with food, and there is so much good vocabulary reinforcement going on in this activity.  We used the green paint for the cucumbers and the orange paint for the carrots, so Noah would have to pay attention to which vegetable he was putting in which paint.  This is moving up the hierarchy of implementing knowledge in activities of daily living.  In other words, it’s great if Noah knows his colors, but we want him to know how to use that knowledge and apply it in real-life situations.

There are so many fruits and vegetables you could use with this activity, and  you could implement color matching in all of them.  I have a feeling we’ll be doing this activity again with all the kids.