And Now He is 8

Noah celebrated his eighth birthday this week in a big way.

I didn’t have his name tracing sheets ready for him this morning, so I just nonchalantly asked him to write his name on his paper. I said each letter to prompt him, but this time I didn’t correct him when he started at the bottom of the letter instead of the top, and I didn’t give him starting dots. It was a totally hands-off approach this morning.

This is what he thought of my hands-off approach.


“Kids with Down syndrome will accomplish much of what typical children will accomplish, but they will do it on their own time table and in their own unique way.”

Hmmm. Sounds a tad familiar.

I find as the years go by, more and more “typical” Down syndrome behavior and features are showing up and becoming a part of Noah’s personality. Fortunately, MOST of them are rather endearing.