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To Read or Not to Read, That is the Question

True story.

Last week was letter “P” week around here for the Littles.

Of course any time you talk about the letter P, you must have pizza, right?

So I planned pizza for lunch one day and wrote out two flash cards.  Not that Noah is reading or anything, but I’m kind of clueless how in the world I’m ever going to teach him to read, so for now I’m taking the approach of surrounding him with words.

I had a flashcard for pizza and a flashcard for plate.

I put a plate down and the flashcard down, pointed to the word “plate”, pointed to the plate and said, “plate.”  Then I put my finger under the p in plate and moved it along the word as I said it.

Next I did the same thing with a slice of pizza and the “pizza” flashcard.

Noah watched but was very unimpressed.  It seems he could care less about my flashcards.

So I was pretty convinced he is totally not comprehending that p-i-z-z-a spells pizza or that p-l-a-t-e spells plate.

But at least I could check one more “p” activity off my list.

He ate the first piece of pizza.

Then he signed “more.”

Then he pointed to the “pizza” flashcard I had absent-mindedly left sitting on the table next to him along with the flashcard for the word “plate.”

But he very distinctly pointed to “pizza.”

It’s times like these that make me feel like I’ve got a little con artist on my hands.

A Pumpkin for My Pumpkin

If you live in Texas, you’d never know Fall is upon us – it is still HOT HOT HOT.   (Okay.  I just checked the weather so I could complain how hot it still is down here, and says the high today was only 84 degrees.  It felt like 100, I’m telling you.

Noah (5 – with Down syndrome) and I moseyed on over to see Parker, another amazing Love Bug with Down syndrome at, and Parker made such a beautiful pumpkin, we just had to have one too.

Here’s Noah’s pumpkin:

This was such a great activity for Noah and Bella (4).  You can find full directions over at

We neglected to paint our paper plate orange first, as you can tell.  It was really interesting how Noah could tear the paper into long strips, but he did not have the finger strength to tear the strips into smaller squares.  I found if I made tiny tears where I wanted him to tear, it made it a lot easier for him.  The resistance of the paper lets up quite a bit once that little tear is made.

I’m still finding the minute Noah finds an activity challenging, he starts whining and signing stop and stops cooperating.  I’m thinking he needs some confidence boosting activities, but I’m not sure how to go about that while still stretching him to learn knew things.  For now, staying one step ahead of him and making sure he is physically able to do the activities I give him and modifying activities to make them easier and more familiar for him is helping a lot.

We got a lot accomplished with the pumpkin, and I discovered another way to work on hand strength with Noah – hole punching.  I got out my little hole punch to make a hole in the paper plate and I decided to let Noah give it a try.  He had to use two hands and I held the plate for him, but he was able to punch the hole.  We also reviewed the color orange, worked on articulation with the word “pumpkin,” strung a pipe cleaner through the hole in the paper plate, gave the glue stick a good workout and talked about circles and squares.  I gave Noah a break by allowing him to cover the pumpkin with glue rather than glueing each individual strip of paper.

So one fall project down, what’s next?  Apples anyone?