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Turkey, Just Turkey

I was sitting on the floor with Noah this week working on a brand-spanking-new file folder game.  We were matching animal halves.  We get to the turkey, and Noah put the piece on the correct animal.

I said, “turkey.”

Noah said, “turkey.”


Yes, he said, “turkey.”  Have I EVER drilled “turkey” with him before?


Have I ever even purposefully modelled “turkey” for him?


Have I even taught him the sign language for “turkey”?


He’s barely verbal.  He has no business being able to say “turkey.”


File Folder Game – Big and Little School Busses

I LOVE file folder games and activities.  I have a file cabinet full of ones I made myself before I had a good color printer.  There was a time (not very long ago) where I was so checked out, that the only outlet for my creativity I could manage was coloring with crayons.  So I put that time to good use and made a TON of file folder games for my kids, which they used and used and used.  I want to learn how to make my own with great graphics someday, but for now I’ll have to make do with PECs.  Noah has been working on the concept of little and big lately, and we’ve been doing a lot with books about school busses, so I combined the two and I have a file folder game to share with you.

File Folder Game – Big and Little Busses


1.  Print out file on a color printer.

2.  Laminate all four sheets.

3.  Mount the pages labled “little and big” on the inside of a file folder.  Place velcro hook dots on the top of each mounted PEC.

4.  Cut out remaining picture cards.  Place velcro loop dots on the back of each card.


1.  Place cards face down on the table.

2.  Pick up one card at a time and place it on top of the corresponding PEC in the open file folder.

(Moms, make sure to say and sign little and big and have your child do the same as he works.)

Find and Seek PEC Board – School Bus

I happened to pick up a copy of School Bus by Donald Crews at the thrift store.  Talk about a treasure!!!!  There are so many activities I can use this book to springboard from, activities involving colors, shapes, sizes, etc.  It is a perfect book for my first Find and Seek board (directions here).

I typically shy away from creating printables for specific story books, because not many of us have the time or the funds to purchase every book we find an activity for.  Plus, if you’re like me, by the time the book arrived in the mail from Amazon, you’d probably have lost all the materials you had prepared for it.  Many of the PECs for School Bus are common items that you will find in a variety of children’s books.  So if you can’t get your hands on a copy of School Bus, look through another school bus book, or any children’s book for that matter, and only use the PECs you find matches for.

Here is the Find and Seek PEC Board for School Bus by Donald Crews.

I couldn’t get the colors right for a few of the PECs, so after you print them off, color the orange truck, brown car and orange garbage truck in with marker.