My Store was opened in March, 2014 with a little money, a lot of dreaming, and a whole lot of ambition.  Here you will find my favorite crafts – vintage-style crochet, machine embroidered items, and high-quality machine embroidery designs digitized for your embroidery machine.  High-quality?  You betcha.  After purchasing machine embroidery designs from some of the smaller sources on the web, I realized that there was a need for quality-controlled embroidery designs.  You will find I test each and every design I sell, and it is not released for sale until it has been proven to stitch out properly with accurate registration and consistent thread trims throughout the entire design.  This will save you, the buyer, valuable time and money, and you’ll know in advance my designs will deliver everything they promise.  I also offer custom embroidery and digitizing of logos and designs – feel free to convo me (send me a comment) through

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An extradorinary little boy, the ordinary people who love him, and their journey together through the world of visual learning and speech acquisition. (And in my "free time," vintage crochet, machine embroidery, digitizing and Etsy.)

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