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O is For Olives – Eating Our Way Through the ABCs

In these days of sensory awareness, I’ve noticed that one medium for learning and sensory experience we often overlook is our taste buds.

Did you know that O tastes salty (olives), and sweet (oranges, Oreos), and mushy (oatmeal) and spicy (onions)?

We worked a bit with food last week while studying the letter O, and we had great fun with olives.


A pretty simple supply list – wooden skewer, styrofoam bowl or Play-Doh, can of whole black olives, and a can of whole Manzanilla (green) olives.

Bella HATES olives, so she wasn’t having any of her taste buds tantalized with these, but I got Noah to at least lick one of the black olives.  He wasn’t too impressed, but he was happy to play with them.  Olives do have a unique feel to them, slick and wet and easy to crush.  We turned this session into patterning practice.

Just take a wooden skewer and poke it through an overturned styrofoam bowl (or you can stick it in a clump of Play-Doh).  Then start the pattern off by skewering a green olive followed by a black one and have your child continue the pattern.  Change this up with more difficult patterns if your child seems ready.

Ah love this (said in my best Southern drawl)!  (Get it – olive this)?

Watching Our Way Through the ABCs

Www.youtube.com has made it possible to bring so much into our homeschool classroom and not cost a dime.

This week we are returning to our alphabet curriculum (you know the one, the one I make up as I go along).  Our letter for this week is N, and I found this very cute Storybots video for the letter N.  Turns out they have videos for every letter of the alphabet, and they are all free.  How cool is that?

The beat is rock and roll, the characters are cartoon, and it’s a fast paced run through of a bunch of words that begin with the letter N.  Enjoy!

U-Tube Videos for Education – Shapes

My friends, after an entire 12 months of blogging, I have FINALLY figured out that I too can put video directly on my WordPress blog.  To celebrate, I have some You-tube videos for you that Noah (6 with Down syndrome) and I watched last week.  Just click on the arrow in the center of each screen shot. Short descriptions of each video are below the screen shot. If you’d like to view the video in full screen, click on the rectanglular box in the bottom right corner of the screen shot. Enjoy!

A catchy rap-type song with simple PEC-type graphics for each shape.

More shapes to a Beatle-ish tune with pictures made out of shapes.

A mellow, dreamy song with simple cartoon shapes that morph. The video and lyrics highlight the number and placement of sides each shape has.

A run-down of the 2-D shapes to a rap/soul beat. This video also points out things in our environment that are examples of shapes. The number of sides of each shape are highlighted and counted.

A Sesame Street-ish video and song pointing out shapes in our environment. Nicely done with shapes being outlined in highlighting.

You can find all these videos and more ideas for working with shapes on my Shaping Up Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/mamajoyx9/shaping-up-preschool/.