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Pergo, Painter’s Tape and a Plan – Letter F

We had lots of FUN this week with the letter F.  Here’s what it looked like on the floor:

Note the cards at the start point and FINISH point.  I really love these gross motor activities because they capitalize on the kinesthetic learning style so many of our special children seem to learn best with.







And, of course, what’s the good of walking the letter F if you’re not doing it in FLIP-FLOPS?

Here I maximized the teachable moment.  These FLOWERS were pulled off of plastic floral arrangements from our local Dollar General (of course, I bought them first.)  I bought two colors, mixed them up, and Noah and Bella sorted them by color:








Then we worked on our colors.  I would call out red, and Bella would put a red FLOWER on the F; white, and Noah would put a white FLOWER on the F.









When we were done, I pointed to the flowers one by one, starting with the white FLOWER at the start of the F and called out the colors, “white, red, white red . . .”  This was to reinforce the patterning we’ve been working on.

On the other days we placed flip-flops on the F (with our large family, we were able to completely cover it) and Dollar Store plastic frogs and fish too. 

I’m trying to think out of the box on what else we could be doing with these painter’s tape letters.  Any ideas?


This is SOOOO Not Me









If there were a contest for the Mom Least Likely to Let Her Kids Walk Through Paint and Live to Tell About it, I would definately win.  My mom will back me up on this one.  My wonderful, creative sister is WAYYY more likely to find the magic in moments like these than me.  I’m always thinking three steps down the line, “Do I really have the energy to clean this up?”

Honestly, I don’t know what got into me.  I ran across this idea somewhere, and I just couldn’t resist.  So I rolled out the brown packaging paper, grabbed some wax-coated paper plates and washable tempra paint, and let it roll (pun intended).

It was kind of funny to see the personalities of everyone come out in this.  Andres wanted nothing to do with it – too messy; Bella and Seth  thought it looked like much fun and jumped right in; Noah was cautious until he watched Bella and Seth for a minute or two, and then he got his toes wet (pun intended); Eden stuck with feet painting for, oh, about 10 seconds and then she was doing the splits, down on all fours, smearing paint everywhere including her face, you get the picture; and Leah showed up at the tail end and did a few footprints here and there.  Oh, and let’s not forget Trinity, who took one look at us, shook her head, and went back inside.  By the time we were finished, I don’t think a single footprint was distinguishable due to all the slipping and sliding (tempera paint is extremely slippery).  Of course we had some very messy kids, but even as Andrew was hosing them down, he said, “I think we should do this again sometime.” 


By the way, yes, the two eldest members of the Dunn clan walked the brown carpet, painted feet and all.

And the magic didn’t stop once we ran out of paint.  Once I pulled the Littles from the mess and I had them in the bathtub and joy positively shone in their little brown eyes – a wacky adventure with mom and dad still as fresh in their minds as the paint on their feet.  And one of the Middles commented later in the evening, “We made a memory tonight.” 

May our memories of the magic always be stronger than the memories of our sorrows.