I Can’t Wait . . .

Okay, okay.  Seriously.  I cannot wait to tell  you guys what’s been keeping me so busy, but I have to.

So I’m giving you a hint:

Remember that old John Denver song, “Take me home, country roads, to the place I belong . . .”

That’s your hint.

But don’t tell anybody I told you.

I swear I’ll deny it.

Free Quick as a Cricket Flannel Board Activity


We’ve read Quick As a Cricket a few times through now, and the kids enjoyed using this flannel board set I downloaded from http://www.kizclub.com/stories1.htm.  This link will actually take you to a page of many different free printable graphics for classic children’s picture books.  Pretty awesome.  The only disappointment is that there are no pinnable images, so I can’t pin this resource to any of my boards.  You can get these sets in black and white or for in color – all free.  Pretty awesome.

I made this flannel board way back when.  It’s just a heavy-duty poster/presentation board with felt glued on to it.  I should actually call it a felt board – velcro doesn’t stick to flannel.  I printed out the graphics, laminated and cut them, and stuck some Velcro hook circles on the back of each animal.  I laid out all the animals on the floor and read the book, giving the children turns to find the animal that we read about on each page and stick it to the board.  They LOVED it!

I was really impressed with the quality of graphics on the site – very cute, very well done.

Any other resources out there for Quick as a Cricket?  (Get my free printable sequencing cards for Quick as a Cricket here:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/quick-as-a-cricket-free-printable-sequencing-cards/.