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Driving Our Way Through the ABC’s

I combined a couple activities I saw on Pinterest and came up with this:


I bought the cars at the Dollar Store – three for a dollar.

The Littles (Noah -6 with Down syndrome, Bella 4 and Seth 3) love this new activity!

Here’s the scoop:

Activity:  Driving Our Way Through the ABCs

Supplies Needed:

  1. 26 toy cars.
  2. White craft paper from a roll
  3. Markers
  4. Circle stickers (found in office supplies for garage sale pricing)


  1. Draw a road on craft paper with separate “garages” marked in order from A-Z.  Add decorations like parks and trees – get as fancy as you like and perhaps even let your little one help.
  2. Write a different letter on each circle sticker,  A-Z. 
  3. Place one sticker on each car.

Directions:  Have your child drive each car along the road to its designated garage.  For children new to the alphabet, line up the cars in order so that the first car goes to the first garage which will be marked A, the second car will go to the next garage marked B, etc.  For children more familiar with the alphabet, mix up the cars so the child will have to search for the matching letter.

(Or you can just look at the picture and probably figure out everything you need to know.)

Look out Mom – this activity just might keep Junior busy for the whole afternoon!


Pergo, Painter’s Tape and a Plan



Oh, actually this was on my vinyl kitchen floor, not Pergo.

Anyway. . .

I recently saw a more complicated version of this activity on Pinterest.  I simplified it into a spiral maze and used a black marker to ink the letters in alphabetical order on the tape.  If you do this, be sure to change the direction of the letters after every new angle so that they will be facing the right direction as your child follows the tape.  Show your child how to drive on the tape – he’ll get it right away.  I also had the children walk the tape and say the letters as they stepped on them.

Don’t forget to get your tape up after 10 days or so and use painter’s tape, NOT masking tape.  Otherwise you’ll have a much harder time.