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D is For Dog – Pinned It, Did It

Pinned ImageI just love it when I find the perfect activity to go along with a book we already own.  That was the case with this activity I found on Pinterest ( to go along with Harry, the Dirty Dog.

First, the DIRT, the DOG, and the DINOSAUR . . .

…plus water = DIRTY, muddy fun.

Wash, wash, wash, and DRY, DRY, DRY.

And now for the real fun!  Forget the plastic animals, just give me a stick!

5 Little Ducks – Printable Activity

Five little ducks went swimming one day . . .

Free printable duck templates from and

Mama Duck –

Baby Ducks – (print 5 on different colored paper)

Laminate these, place a number on the baby ducks 1-5, and stick magnet tape on the back of them (or not if you just want to lay these out on a table or the floor).  You want your child to lay these out in order, so either tell them to pick up the “blue” one (my number 1 was blue) and put it in the proper position, or if your child is beginning to recognize numbers you can tell them to pick up number 1, and put it in the proper position. 

As you get to the end of the verse, say, “Take away number 5,” then recount the remaining baby ducks out loud, and then sing the verse from the beginning with the new number. 

Over the hills and far away,

Mama Duck said “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack . . .

But only 4 little ducks came back.

(Go back to the first verse and drop the number by one for the first and last verse, removing the highest numbered duck each time.)

Here is the ASL to go with key words in the song.  You can cut these out and stick them to the surface you’re putting your duck printables on so you’ll have easy hands-free access to them while you’re working through the song.  Just click on the graphic and print. 

If these signs are new to you, remember to use the free ASL dictionaries at or to make sure you understand the correct sign and then use these graphics as a reminder or prompt.

D is for Dots – Modified Glue, Scatter and Shake Activity

Yay!  Finally an activity using some of that nifty stuff I bought on clearance after Easter.  I got the confetti used to stuff cascarones for 10 cents a bag, just knowing I’d think of SOMETHING to use it for.  Noah (5 with Down syndrome) loved this.  Bella (3) did a great job on one of these as well  It’s so fun having my own little family preschool.

First I ran off a copy of this free letter D template:


Are those not the cutest little fingers you ever saw?

Are those not the cutest little fingers you ever saw?

Noah has a hard time squeezing the glue bottle and tracing a shape at the same time, so I poured some glue into the bottom of a paper bowl and he used a paintbrush to spread it around the shape.  I was amazed at how far he’s come in being able to stay within the lines of a bubble letter like this.  I’m convinced it’s because of all the Painters tape, Pergo and a Plan letters he has walked.  Motor planning at its finest!  If you notice in the picture, he’s got the glue pretty much confined to the inside of the letters.  This is quite remarkable for him.

Here I’ve dumped the confetti into a bowl and given Noah a spoon to scoop it and dump it on top of the areas he has glued.  He proved quite competent in this area as well.  I briefly showed him what I wanted him to do, and he took the spoon and did the entire sheet independently.  And, oh how he loved scooping and dumping!!!

I know this doesn’t look like much, but just wait!!!!  He covered the letters with dots, we let it set for a few minutes, shook off the extra dots, and presto . . .

 Isn’t he amazing?