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Heard Around the Hen House – Eden

So Eden rolled out of bed complaining this morning. The middle siblings had gone off with Daddy today, and Eden was lamenting about how she always misses the fun stuff with me when she goes with Daddy, but when she stays home, we don’t ever do anything fun.

Poor baby (with an exasperated sigh).

Later on when I told her we’d probably have peanut butter and jelly for lunch, her countenance fell again since this meant we probably couldn’t have cinnamon rolls for snack after such a sweet lunch.

(Of course the preferred response would be her jumping up and down with joy over the fact we’re having peanut butter and jelly for lunch.)

Later on, succumbing to her pity party I casually mentioned, “Well, maybe I could make grilled cheese and that way we could still have cinnamon rolls for snack.”

Eden: “I love grilled cheese.”
Me: “And I love you.”
Eden: “And I love you more than grilled cheese AND cinnamon rolls.”

Funny how one little sentence can make it all worthwhile!

May your weekend be filled with grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and the love of a child.

Awwww, Mommy, Can We Keep Her?

I have told my kiddos a million times, “If you ever see a fawn lying by itself, don’t ever, ever touch it.”  (The thinking being that once you touch it, a trace of your scent remains and the mama doe will not come back for it.)  It’s amazing to see these fawns, because they are so, so obedient.  They lie absolutely still while their mamas feed nearby, and they don’t move, no matter what, until mama doe returns for them.  It’s a sad thing when mama doe gets scared off, because the fawns sit waiting, and waiting, and waiting; and nature is sometimes very brutal when it comes to predators like dogs.

Well, luck would have it that while I was cleaning the kitchen the other day, one of the kids came running in hollering, “Mom, mom, Eden has a fawn.”

Oh, surely Eden wouldn’t have picked up a fawn after all my nature lessons . . . surely “Eden has a fawn” means Eden found a fawn and is watching it from a safe distance.

No such luck.  I opened the door to find Eden on the steps with Bambi.


I’d like to say at this point my heart was crushed thinking of mama doe out there searching in vain for baby fawn.   But that would be a lie.

My heart was crushed thinking of late night fawn feedings from warmed baby bottles every three hours or so, and what the heck kind of milk do you feed baby deer anyway?

So on a wing and a prayer we put said Bambi back exactly where Eden found her and quarantined ourselves safely inside.  I noticed a doe hovering nearby and I clung to the hope that this was mama doe and she had a really bad sense of smell.

Sure enough we ate dinner and when we returned to check on baby fawn, she was gone.

Mother and child reunited.

All in a day’s work.


Part of my Saturday Solitude routine is eating breakfast at Jim’s every week.  This week I happened to run into a young family in AWANA leadership who knows my kids.  I’ve never really spoken to them before, and I’ve helped their son with his AWANA verses, so I stopped to say hello and then went on to my table.  At the end of their meal the wife came to say good-bye and to tell me that she just wanted me to know that both she and her husband have noticed my kids are pretty amazing.  The words she used were calm and well-behaved.

Of course, I thanked her and made a joke about I’m glad they see them when they are well-behaved, and I even agreed that my kids are rather calm.  I don’t think I sounded too proud.  But I was.

I interpreted her comment as, “Good job, Mom.  You and your husband really have it going on – you’re doing great work.”

But that’s not what she said.

She was praising my kids, not me.

But I didn’t really get it until later on that afternoon when I went to the grocery store.  There’s a little boy (age 9 or so) at AWANA who the Lord has really been putting on my heart.  I can’t put my finger on what I like so much about this boy – perhaps it’s the way his face lights up when he sees me walk through the door (I’ve found a way to help him with his memory verses that works really well for him), perhaps it’s because he makes such good eye contact and treats everybody with respect, perhaps it’s just his enthusiasm for getting his memory verses checked off, or perhaps it’s the way he can explain each verse to me that he memorizes, even though understanding the verse is not required.  Anyway, I ran into him and his mom at the store today, definitely a Divine Appointment.  I introduced myself to her and told her how amazing her son is, how he treats people with respect, makes eye contact, is an enthusiastic learner.  I could tell my words meant a lot to her.  But you know what she did as she realized where I was coming from and that I was praising her boy?  She turned to him, said his name, looked at him with such pure love and affection, and gave him affirmation and kudos for his behavior that had initiated all this.  She was grinning from ear to ear, but she took none of that praise for herself – she gave it all to her boy.  She was proud of him, not herself.  And proud might not even be the right word here – she seemed genuinely happy, ecstatic, that he had behaved in such a stellar manner.

She gave me a hug and told her I had been a blessing, but I came away blessed.  Blessed and reminded, once again, that it’s not always about me.  Reminded children are pretty amazing beings separate and apart from their parents.  Reminded that it is in giving Someone else the glory, we pass it on to the One who truly deserves it.