AWANA’s Newest Cubby

Note: These are not in any way sponsored or endorsed by the AWANA program. These are just some PECs I’ve made to help Noah get the most he can out of the AWANA experience. These PECs will let him express with his PEC board what he cannot express with his voice so that he too can have the Word of God planted in his heart.

To celebrate AWANA’s newest cubby (that would be Noah), we’ve made some new PECs to share.  To make these free PDFs into PEC memorization boards for your Cubby, follow these instructions:

  1. Print out 2 copies of the PDF.  Laminate both sheets.
  2. Cut out the PECs of one sheet and place loop velcro on the back of each cut PEC.
  3. Using a 3-hole-punch, punch holes in the intact PDF printout and insert it in a binder as shown.
  4. As shown below, place a strip of hook velcro along the bottom of the insider of the binder, underneath your printout.
  5. As you sit with your child, remind him of the sentence you are helping him memorize.  Point to each picture card on the intact printout and say the name of the PEC out loud.
  6. Go back to the first PEC on the printout and say the word.  Have your child find the matching cut PEC and place it on the velcro strip.  Continue until all the cards are placed correctly.  Go back to the first cut PEC and say the sentence pointing with your child to each PEC as you go.  Hand-over-hand assistance can be used.
  7. If your child is ready, you may try asking him, “What is the Cubby motto?” (or the Scripture reference) and see if he can lay the PECs in the proper order without any assistance, first with the intact board showing, and then without.  This is a great way for a nonverbal child to begin to train for memorization work even if he cannot verbalize the words.

For storage, use a 3-hole-punch to punch holes in a Ziplock bag.  Place loose PECS in the bag and put it in your PEC binder along with the intact PEC board.

These are great for neurotypical children to use for scripture memorization too.  Just review the verse, give them the PECs in a mixed up order, and allow your child to recreate the verse by putting the PECs in the correct order.

First we have the Cubby Motto in PECs (Jesus Loves Me):

AWANA Cubbies Motto (This is made up of three strips, choose which one is appropriate for your child, cut out as a strip, and paste it to a new sheet of paper for your intact board.)

Next we have the first memorization verse for the year in PECs:  1 John 4:10 (. . . God . . . loved us and sent His Son):

1 John 4 10

Hope these help!  Thanks to for providing such an effortless way to make PEC boards.



6 thoughts on “AWANA’s Newest Cubby”

  1. this is so awesome thank you for sharing, been utilizing these pecs for my son with Apraxia of speech:) quick question to you have pecs for psalm 13914?

    1. So happy to hear you are using these. Apraxia is a bugger, but activities like these really do help lay the foundation and keep our kids practicing communication. I don’t have Psalm 139, but if I can get to it, I will make it and post and will let you know.


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