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Pinned it, Did It – B is for Butterflies

Ah, what letter B week would be complete without clothespin butterflies.

I showed my children last year how to tie dye coffee filters, and they’ve done it several times since then.  The only problem is, once they dry, we don’t know what to do with them.  Solution:  http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305529405816/.   Five of the children participated (on their own initiative) in this, between the ages of 10 and 3.

We made these butterflies using three coffee filters for each one, then stuck a magnet on the back.

Yes, one of the many luxiouries of living in a converted mobile home (as she rolls her eyes) are the metal doors which are perfect for magnetic butterflies.


Bs, Bs, Wonderful Bs

On a lighter note . . .

Today was hippotherapy day, so I didn’t expect to get much accomplished.  Surprise, Surprise!

We put our Teddy Grahams to good use on our counting board, which you can download for free by clicking on the image.

Here’s a bear-themed number board you can download by clicking on the image.  I used a white paint marker to write numbers on poker chips.  Incidentally, poker chips are a little hard to find.  I found a pack of I think 150 for $3.00 at Walmart in the game section where they hang playing cards.  Poker chips are great multifunctional manipulatives.

Another Band-Aid activity – this time it’s a file folder game.  I got these colored Band-Aids at the Dollar store, and we just used them to match colors.  I went ahead and glued one set to cardstock and laminated, and the other set I stuck to the inside of the laminating pouch and laminated, cut and velcroed.

If your child is still “stuck on Band-Aids” but is past color matching, there are a wide variety of printed Band-Aids that you could use to make a match the pattern file folder game with.



 We finished up today with a butterfly file folder game I had made for Leah so many years ago.  This was so cool for me, because I remember sitting down with Noah and showing him this and realizing there was no way he was ready to do it.   (I wish I knew how long ago that was.)  He did it with only one error today.

When we returned from our errands this morning, Noah bounded up the steps with one foot on each of the top three steps instead of his usual step-step on the same step.  This is something he’s been working on in physical therapy and at home for a while now.  I hope it sticks!  The first time I saw him do it was about six months ago – he did it like it was nothing as we were leaving the physical therapist’s office, repeated it once more at home and then promptly reverted back to step step on each step.  AGGGGHHHH!