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More Positional Words – A Free Winter-Themed Printable Book

Noah and I are diligently working on positional words (prepositions) like over, under, next to, beside and in.  I found a fabulous printable over at www.slpmaterials.blogspot.com that I cut out and pasted to one of my DIY cardstock books (find the tutorial here:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/diy-card-stock-book-tutorial/).


This book talks about the picture on the page and then asks the reader to put a printable object somewhere on the page in relation to the picture.  For durability, I laminated the pictures of the objects and put loop Velcro dots on the back of them.  I also put hook Velcro dots on the pages of the book in two locations on each page, one where the object belonged and another somewhere else on the page as a distractor.

As an added benefit, this book provided new winter vocabulary like marshmallows, snowman, scarf, mittens, blanket etc.

As usual, because this was a new activity, Noah was very attentive and cooperative.  Since it was free, I won’t mind putting it on the shelf and not using it every day so Noah will STAY attentive and cooperative.  He happened to see me with it today and he was very eager to look at it again, so maybe it won’t go on the shelf after all.