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Christmas Tree Bird Feeder – Upcycling is for the Birds

Are you feeling a little blue at the prospect of taking down your Christmas tree and hiding away all hints of our Saviour’s birth until next year?  Would you keep it up a little longer if you thought you could get away with it?

After Christmas Tree Tree

How about an upcycled, repurposed Christmas tree this year?

Take that dying mass of branches and needles outside and give it new life with strung popcorn, O cereals, and cranberries (if you can find them).  This is a great way to use up your leftover cranberries, but you can also use raisins, Craisins or other dried fruit.   Get out the peanut butter and bird seed to slather on pinecones, then hang them on the tree with pretty ribbon.   Hanging apple and orange slices are treats for our flying friends as well.

Here’s a great recipe for no-cook birdseed ornaments that you can make with cookie cutters – so cute!  http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/birdseed-wedding-favor-hearts-easy-and-inexpensive-diy/  (The author used them for wedding favors, but they’d work great for any occasion.)

For the ornament pin (for all you Pinterest fans) go to http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305530756821/.

You’ll discover birds in your neck of the woods (assuming you’re not too far north) you didn’t even know existed.  If you do happen to live somewhere without birds in the winter, wait until spring and do this on one of your in-the-ground trees.

Just thinking about this “living” tree gets me back in the holiday spirit.

This idea came from a book, The After-Christmas Tree by Linda Wagner Tyler, I just happened to grab at the library, since one of Noah’s target words is “tree.”

After Christmas Tree cover

Many blessings for 2013; may you keep Christ in your heart the whole year through.