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What Tests Can’t Measure

As Noah threw his arms around my neck today and hugged me the way only he can, laughing his hearty laugh, it struck me that there are certain things that will never show up on a standardized assessment.

Things like how it feels to Noah to be a part of a Sunday School class, an AWANA group.  Things like his unique ability to change the mood in a room simply by entering it.  Things like his way of making love tangible just by his smile and his touch.  Things like being used by God to touch the hearts of those he feels inclined to throw his arms around or even give a high five to.

I have seen more than one burly grown man get down on one knee in order to look into Noah’s eyes and experience his joy – as if connecting even for a moment will feed something in their soul – and it does, because the next time they see him, they do it again.

So many people struggle their entire lives to learn how to bless others, how to love wholeheartedly, how to show affection, how to look on the bright side, how to let go and let God, how to live in the moment, how to embrace the blessings all around them.  Noah’s got it down – and he’s 6.

Nope, no earthly test will measure all that, but if it did, he’d be off the charts.