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Free G Word PEC Style Flashcards

These won’t look like your typical flashcards, but for children already familiar with PECs, these PEC-style flashcards will be a perfect introduction to flashcard concepts.

I use these cards to drill Noah on the words we’ll be talking about this week.  I chose these words in particular because these are using the sounds Noah has already demonstrated ability with.  For most children in the early stages of speech and for those who need some remedial work, these are great letter G articulation words.

Other activities these cards are great for is matching, go fish, lotto boards,  memory (game).  Just make two copies, and be sure to speak the word as you and your child use it.

Thanks to www.mrsriley.com for making it SOOO easy to make these.  The fully editable file is available to www.mrsriley.com members at http://mrsriley.com/app/#fileID=52017.

Click  here for a printable PDF version available to everyone.