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A Trick to Get Those Shoes on the Right Feet

I saw this little beauty of an idea on Pinterest, and all I can say is it just makes sense.  For all you pinners, you can find the pin here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305530256854/.  The blog post it was pinned from is here:  http://www.smockityfrocks.com/2008/04/putting-shoes-on-right-feet.html Basically, the idea is to take a sticker, cut it in two, and place the pieces on your child’s shoes so that when the left and right are in the appropriate positions, the sticker lines up to make a picture.  Then your child can just slide their feet into the correctly placed shoes. 

Talk about visual cueing!!!

You know, the ability to get shoes on the right feet is a skill we kind of take for granted.  Sure, some kids struggle with it a little longer than others and need more help to learn it, but we all assume they’ll figure it out eventually, and they do. 

For parents and caregivers of people with special needs, this can actually be a momentous milestone because it is one more addition to the list of things our child can do for himself, an activity of daily living he can do independently.  Woo hoo!!!!!   I mean, let’s face it; being able tp put shoes on the right feet is an important life skill.    And if your child can do it himself, it means that’s one less thing on your already overwhelming to-do list just to get out the door in the morning. 

Bella (just turned 4) got this after a few rounds of setting her shoes on the table and asking her to put them so that the dog’s head and tail lined up correctly (sorry, it’s a prism sticker – not the best to photograph.).  Since then it’s been easy peasy to get her to get her shoes on the right feet – all by herself. 

Now, if we could just get her to put her shoes in the right place every night so she could find them when she needed to put them on . . . but that’s another post.  🙂  Now that I think about it, I think someone else will have to write that post.  Most days I can’t even find my own shoes.

I’m game to try this with Noah (5 – Down syndrome), but for now the fact that the stickers are on shoes is throwing him off.  No worries.  It’s given me a good idea for another activity for him.  Coming soon . . .

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