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AWANA Cubbies Bear Hug 4 – Psalm 95:5

Could it be??? Am I really a week ahead of myself?  I am.  And I really like this feeling, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to try to push through and make PEC boards for the remaining AWANA weeks and release them as soon as I make them rather than scheduling them to stretch across the year.  Hey, if I get ahead, you get ahead too.  Such a deal!

So here’s the PEC board for AWANA Cubbies Bear Huug 4:

awana bear hug 4 Psalm 95 5

Instructions for how we use these boards are here:


And as always,

Reality Check – These free Scripture printables of Genesis 1:1 are in no way created or endorsed by AWANA.  They are just this mama’s attempt to help her little boy with Down syndrome  and others with special needs plant the seeds of God’s Word in their hearts.