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PROMPT – A New Therapy for Noah

What a difference a week can make!

Last Wednesday we said good-bye to Noah’s speech therapist who was leaving our local clinic.  She has been with us every step of the way over the last two years and has taught me a lot about speech and language and how to help Noah in those areas.

This was an unwelcome push for me to find the next right thing for Noah.  I know he is on the cusp of a language breakthrough and he needed something traditional speech therapy was not addressing.  But I wasn’t ready to make a change.

Guess it’s not all about me.

I knew Noah couldn’t afford to drop speech therapy, so I begrudgingly started searching for another clinic for him.

God had something really good in store for Noah.

His name is Marcus.

Marcus not only uses PROMPT therapy, he’s an instructor, which means he has intensive training and experience with PROMPT therapy.  And he just happens to have a brother with Down syndrome who he adores.

We met Marcus on Tuesday, and he started the evaluation process for Noah.  He thinks Noah will respond very well to PROMPT, and I agree.  His prior speech therapist used some of the tactile cueing that PROMPT teaches, and Noah was extremely responsive.  PROMPT therapy addresses oral motor issues that make speech so difficult.  It’s a deviation from traditional speech therapy and from a lot of what we’ve been doing with Noah.  But I think there’s a time and a place for traditional speech therapy.  We’ve been there, we did it, and I am very excited because I think PROMPT is the next right thing in our journey to give Noah a voice.

So we travel to speech therapy now, an hour each way.  But no time has ever been better spent.

Just what is PROMPT therapy?  Visit http://promptinstitute.com/index.php?page=treatment-expectations for a detailed explanation of what Noah will be doing once a week.

Can’t wait to update you on his progress!

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Noah is officially without a speech therapist.    Miss L is the only speech therapist Noah has ever known, and we LOVE her!

The Early Childhood Intervention SLP who came once a month and blew bubbles at Noah doesn’t count.

Miss L. gave Noah his first words, and she knows him inside and out.  She was the kind of therapist who made materials for him in her down time and was always coming up with creative ideas to keep things fresh.  She was in constant contact with his physical therapist, so our hippotherapy sessions not only concentrated on his PT goals, but also his speech goals.  She gave us notice last month, but I kept hoping she’d change her mind and decide to stay at the center where he gets his therapy, which just so happens to be about 20 minutes from our house.

No such luck.

From what I understand, her replacement hasn’t worked with children since grad school.  I met her last week.  She’s young and enthusiastic, but there weren’t any fireworks, if you know what I mean.

I asked the replacement to call me so I could get some details on her experience and training.  Maybe she’ll call tomorrow . . . or not.

I have a line on a clinic in Austin (a good 45 minutes away) where all the SLPs know PROMPT, which is very encouraging.  I’m still waiting to hear if they have experience with apraxia and Down syndrome.  Come to think of it, they’ll also have to know quite a bit of ASL.

In any case, it won’t be Miss L.  Sniff.

I’m not a sentimental kind of person, but this is really hitting me hard.  He’s going to miss Miss L.  I’m going to miss Miss L.