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O is for Octopus

It’s always a challenge to keep Noah motivated during anything that resembles a speech therapy drill.  Now that his speech therapist and I have gotten more comfortable with each other, I’m slowly returning to working with him on his speaking words at home.  I can’t claim this idea as my own, but I am at a loss to remember where I got it from.


You know those little reinforcement stickers for patching torn holes in binder paper?  Well, they just happen to be perfect Os.

For this activity, I printed off a copy of an octopus coloring page that you can find here:  http://childstoryhour.com/coloringanimal.htm.  I never know how much Noah  is picking up as far as the printed word, but unless I have proof he’s not picking up anything, I’ll be writing out words every chance I get.  That’s why I added O and octopus at the bottom of the page.

If you’re just looking for fine motor or occupational therapy practice, help your kiddo peel and stick the stickers onto the page and you’re done.

But if you’re like me and desperately trying to capture every possible opportunity to multitask, use the reinforcement stickers as a reward during drills.  I had Noah go through his Kaufman cards – he had to say the word on a card three times and then he got to use a sticker.  So, we covered phonemic awareness, fine motor skills and speech drills all in one 10-minute activity.  I just LOVE it when that happens!

Alphabet Magnets and Cookie Sheets – A Matching Activity

In my search for alphabet recognition activities, I found some great free cookie sheet printables here:


The idea behind the cookie sheets is this:  If you tape the printable to the cookie sheet, the magnetic letters stay in one place as your child adds to them. 





I figured Bella (3) could handle this no problem, but I knew Noah (5 – Down syndrome) would need a little more to go on than just the printed letter to match the magnet to.  I wish I could claim credit for this idea, but alas I did not think of this myself.  Too bad I have NOOOO idea which blog I saw it on, but I knew this would be just the thing for Noah.







You can print this directly from your color printer by clicking on it; your alphabet magnets should fit exactly over these letters. How cool is that?  I found the fact that the colors on the printable matched the actual colors of the magnetic letters to be a big help in guiding my children to the correct match.  These magnets came from the dollar store.  If you can pick up a set, hopefully your colors will match mine.  If not, use your colors, line them up in alphabetical order in rows like mine, take a picture allowing the letters to take up the full screen, and print the picture full size.  I slipped my printable into a page protector for durability and then taped it to the cookie sheet.

I had no idea what a hit this activity would be.  I had all three littles, including Seth (2) climbing all over each other to take a turn matching the letters.  I just love it when that happens.

Painter’s Tape, Pergo and a Plan – J

This morning I sent Noah and Bella into the front room to “Find the J.”  It was right where all our other painter’s tape letters have been – under the rug.  What fun they have ripping the rug away to reveal the new letter of the week!

Wanna guess what we did on our J today?  Well, we jumped it, of course.