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Arnold-Chiari Malformation Interpreted by a Physical Therapist

Meet my fabulous blogging buddy, Sweta at www.ardentpt.com.  She’s a physical therapist with a grasp of the technical aspects and research behind many conditions that physical therapists address in their day-to-day practice.  Sweta is Indian but translates all her work into English for us pale-faces.

She did me a huge favor and researched and blogged an article called Arnold-Chiairi Malformation – A Systemic Review of Research in ACM (type 1).    You can read it here:  http://ardentpt.com/2012/12/19/arnold-chiari-malformation-a-systemic-review-of-research-in-acm-type-1/

Her post has lots of visuals (drawings and MRIs) – and you know how I LOVE visuals!!!

For those of you who are familiar with my history, you know my son had Chiari decompression surgery in August and is currently receiving occupational therapy.  I’m considering getting Andres into physical therapy in January – we’ll see.

Sweta will be following up this post with more research concerning surgery and rehabilitation, and I’ll share a link as soon as I receive it.