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DIY Gingerbread Granola

I know.

It’s not December.

It’s May.

But I miss gingerbread and eggnog.  And I’m getting a little tired of the same old granola every day.

Enter Pinterest.

Gingerbread Granola
Gingerbread Granola – Yummmmy!

Click on the granola for the link to the recipe.  You know those awesome  ginger snaps that you buy in the brown paper bags?  That’s what this tastes like.  Add a little milk and it’s like cookies and milk for breakfast.  Except it’s all natural – ginger, crystalized ginger (okay, I’m not sure if that is “all natural” or not, molasses, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon; you know, the basics.  This recipe is definitely going into the “Big Book.”

My little assistant, Noah, was a big help with all his stirring and pouring that makes granola such a great kitchen project to do with kids.

I had a little trouble finding the crystalized ginger until I remembered I had seen it in the bulk bins at our local grocery store.  If you can’t find it at your grocery store, try a Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joes or other health food or epicurean store.  I promise, it’s worth the trouble.