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Free Sign Language Printables for Fall

Now that the weather is FINALLY cooling down here in Central Texas, my attention has turned towards fall.  We’re always looking for sign language words to work into our vocabulary since Noah (5-Down syndrome) is still largely dependent on signs.  Here are printable ASL flash cards for football, cold, coat, autumn, tree, acorn, leaf, rake, red, yellow, orange, birds, fly, south, corn, apples, pumpkins, rake, harvest and Thanksgiving.

asl Fall Autumn

Use these cards to suit your needs.  I usually cut them out, leave the description and the graphic together, and post them on the wall in the room where they’ll be used the most.  This set I may just staple into a little book to use for quick reference during reading and craft time.  Another idea that works for us is to cut out the graphic and paste it to a book we’ll be reading that uses those words.  That way there’s no shuffling for the right sign and no excuse not to learn it.  You can also use them as flash cards for review with your older kids by stapling the description to the back of the graphic.  After you’ve spent time with your children learning the signs, flash the graphic at your child and have him give you the correct sign and word.  (Of course you’ll want to trim off the word under the picture once a challenge is needed.)  Much thanks goes out to Dr. Bill Vicars of www.lifeprint.com for giving me the permission to use his graphics for most of these cards.

If you’re looking for the fall months in ASL (American Sign Language), here’s a quick reference sheet for the months:  http://www.lessontutor.com/ees_time_pt1.html

Looking for indians and pilgrims and turkeys and such?  Not to worry.  Since Thanksgiving has a whole vocabulary list of its own, I’m hoping to do another post with flashcards for that special holiday.

Enjoy the weather – and is it just me or are the stores selling eggnog earlier and earlier every year?