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Oh, Christmas Tree – An Edible Craft For Little Hands



Cute, eh?

Forget the messy gingerbread houses when it comes to my little ones.  We’ll save those for the big guys.

For my Littles, this idea I found on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305530845392/ ) was the perfect answer to “How can we have some Christmas fun without blowing an entire afternoon with cleanup?”  You can find the original blog post here:  http://pigtailsandtutus.blogspot.com/2012/01/december-activities.html.

We mixed a little practical life skills in the kitchen with some fine motor stirring and sticking to come up with a very festive treat.  Since Noah is starting to approximate the word “tree,” (he says “ee”), this was just the kind of language-based activity I was looking for.

Activity:  Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

Supplies:  Sugar (ice cream) Cones, Candy Sprinkles, White Icing, Green Food Coloring


  1. Mix icing and green food coloring until you have the desired shade of green icing.
  2. Spread icing to cover the outside of an upside-down sugar cone.
  3. Either roll cone in sprinkles or place sprinkles on cone to represent ornaments.  (You’ll need large sprinkles if you’re going to place them individually.)
  4. Eat or place as decoration.  (These look great as decorations for centerpieces or buffet accents).

I started off this craft with the intention of just the Littles (Noah – 6 with DS, Bella 4, and Seth 2) working, but once the Middles (Leah – 11, Andres – 8 and Eden – 7) caught wind of what we were up to, our table was full of busy hands.  The fun was definitely worth the mess.  I find that keeping the kids busy really helps them enjoy each other.  Idle afternoons seem to take their toll on everyone.

We all had a sumptuous snack at the end of that activity, sans my husband who sat on the sidelines gagging at the thought of eating straight icing and ice cream cones.

He doesn’t know what he’s missing!