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Duplo Word Families

Here’s another Pinned It, Did It entry – a fabulous little busy box that has really helped Bella (4) “get” word families and blending sounds.   And I already had all the materials needed for this, so it didn’t cost me a dime – how cool is that?

Find the pin that inspired me here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305530049290/

Activity:  Duplo Word Families


  1. Duplo blocks.
  2. Small white stickers – I had these rectangles in my office supply stash – I know they are sold next to the circular garage sale price stickers at most office supply stores.
  3. Thin permanent marker.
  4. Index cards.


  1. Decide what word family you want to start with, and make flash cards for the words in that family.  I chose the at word family and made at, bat, cat, sat, fat, hat, mat, pat and rat.
  2. Write one letter per sticker for each letter your child will need to make the words on the flash cards.
  3. Place one sticker per Duplo on its side, so that when the blocks are joined, all the letters are facing the same way.


  1. Place the flash card with the word ending in front of your child (for my cards, it would be at)
  2. Ask your child to find the Duplo containing the first letter of the word (a).
  3. Ask your child to find the Duplo containing the second letter of the word (t). 
  4. Have your child snap the second (t) Duplo onto the first (a).
  5. (Repeat with any additional letters needed to make the flash card word.)
  6. Point to and say the first letter on the Duplo word.   Point to and say the corresponding letter on the flash card.  Repeat for the remaining letters. 
  7. Point to and say the word on the flash card.  Then point and say the word on the Duplos.  Then say, “You spelled                                                       (fill in the blank).
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 for the remaining flash cards.

Pinned It, Did It – Fine Motor Chalkboard Painting

Here’s a little alphabet work we did at the chalkboard last week, courtesy of Pinterest pin http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305529928791/:








You can find the original blog post over at www.homeschoolmama3.blogspot.ca – a blog by one creative homeschooling mama.

The process was really very simple, and since Noah loves anything associated with paintbrushes, I knew this would be right up his alley.  I wrote all the lower case letters with chalk on a chalkboard and let Noah trace them with a paintbrush he dipped in water.  I did have to supervise him closely, because he was trying to get away with blotting out the letter with big strokes rather than tracing them.  With a little verbal cueing and hand-0ver-hand assistance, he got back on track and did most of this work independently.  Sitting next to him while he did it also allowed me the opportunity to say each letter as he trace it. 

We’ll definitely be doing this again – next time with numbers or shapes.

You know, I’ m thankful once again for all the moms out there that take the time to blog about the activities they do with their children.  This was such a simple and fun activity for Noah, but there’s no way I would have come up with this on my own.  Isn’t it great in this day and age to not have to reinvent the wheel?  I always say I could easily homeschool my children for free just by using all the things available on the Internet, if I only had the time to find it all.