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R is for Rocks – A Gross Motor Alphabet Activity

Last week was R week, and the Littles and I made up this activity that got us up, moving, bending, lifting, placing and best of all it got us out of the house.


What could be better than a pile of rocks?  How about searching for each one and bringing it back to the designated spot.



Vocabulary words:  rock, straight, bend, lift, up, down, curve, diagonal, next to, beside, more, on, pile, big, little . . .

Come on, readers, add to my list!

If you live in the Texas Hill Country, no matter how small your property, you’ll find plenty of rocks to do this activity with.  If not, head for your local park, or if you’re really desperate you can always buy a bag of river stones at the dollar store and do a miniature version.

Happy hunting!

Painter’s Tape, Pergo and a Plan – J

This morning I sent Noah and Bella into the front room to “Find the J.”  It was right where all our other painter’s tape letters have been – under the rug.  What fun they have ripping the rug away to reveal the new letter of the week!

Wanna guess what we did on our J today?  Well, we jumped it, of course.