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How to Save a Post on Facebook

A Little Homeschooling Tip: You are going to be seeing lots of cool educational posts with links in the days to come. It won’t always be convenient as you are scrolling FB to stop everything and have the kids come and watch. If you’ll look in the top right corner of the post, there are three dots. Click on them and then select “Save Post.” When it’s a convenient time to share with the kids go to the left side of your FB screen, scroll down, and click on “Explore.” scroll down and choose “Saved.” You’ll see all your saved posts right there.

Sorry if you figured all this out years ago – I’m a little slow. Blessings . . .

Looking for App Giveaways?

Here’s a site for App Giveaways I came across and wanted to share with my readers.  I entered two of drawings and won both times.  Not bad, eh?


There is one itty bitty catch.  In order to win, you have to like the app on Facebook or Tweet it.  This is a site that promotes new apps, and in return the app developer gifts them a large quantity of apps which they then turn around and give to their readers for free.

Pretty cool.