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Heard Around the Hen House – Eden

So Eden rolled out of bed complaining this morning. The middle siblings had gone off with Daddy today, and Eden was lamenting about how she always misses the fun stuff with me when she goes with Daddy, but when she stays home, we don’t ever do anything fun.

Poor baby (with an exasperated sigh).

Later on when I told her we’d probably have peanut butter and jelly for lunch, her countenance fell again since this meant we probably couldn’t have cinnamon rolls for snack after such a sweet lunch.

(Of course the preferred response would be her jumping up and down with joy over the fact we’re having peanut butter and jelly for lunch.)

Later on, succumbing to her pity party I casually mentioned, “Well, maybe I could make grilled cheese and that way we could still have cinnamon rolls for snack.”

Eden: “I love grilled cheese.”
Me: “And I love you.”
Eden: “And I love you more than grilled cheese AND cinnamon rolls.”

Funny how one little sentence can make it all worthwhile!

May your weekend be filled with grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and the love of a child.