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Pinned It, Did It – Free Printable Alphabet and Initial Sound Strips for Matching


DSC08586Let’s for it for not having to reinvent the wheel!

I found these free printable alphabet strips and initial sound strips over on Pinterest from The Toddler House.  Laminated, cut and paired with some alphabet magnets, these strips were the perfect practice tool for matching letter to letter and initial sound to corresponding picture. Noah (6 with Down syndrome) did the letter match, and Bella (4) did the picture/letter match.  For those of you looking for cookie sheet activities – this is perfect.  Noah used our nifty metal door for his background.

Next time we do this, I’m going to take it one step further and write the letters under the pictures in dry erase markers and let Noah use the “hints” to match letter to picture. Learning for these little guys is all about baby steps and modifying activities to match their ability level.

For the original pin, go here: http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305531046225/

For the site with a link to the free printable PDF files, go to http://www.geocities.com/thetoddlerhouse824/abccenters.html.

J is for Jelly Beans

Last week we pulled out the bag of jelly beans and our patterning strips. 







You can find the free blank or colored printable strips on my post here:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/?s=patterning+printable.

Math is all about patterns, so this early childhood/preschool concept is an important one.  Noah still doesn’t seem to grasp the idea of patterning, but this is one of those things that I’m going to keep doing with as much assistance as he needs until the day he can do it on his own.

Free Continuing Education for Special Moms, Written for Professionals but Free for Non CEU-Seekers – How Practical!!!

In my internet adventures finding information to help my sweet Noah, every now and then I come across a real treasure that is just too good to keep to myself.  And NOOOO, this is not another Pinterest pep rally – by the way, can you believe I have close to 2,000 pins?

Oh, sorry.  Back to my point.

Today’s find is http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/ProfessionalbrDevelopment/eLearning/PACE/tabid/102/Default.aspxwww.highreach.com is a division of the education workbook company Carson-Delarosa.  It is associated with the University of Wisconsin.  This section of High Reach is a program called PACE (Practical Approaches to Continuing Education) comprised of 12 modules of early childhood articles that can be read by professionals needing continuing education units and then tested on-line by High Reach for a fee and for the award of those CEUs.  The good news for us is that as long as you don’t need the CEUs, the information is free.  Think of this as your Freebie Friday – a few days early.

I’ve read a TON of early childhood literature, and I’ve found these articles to be a refreshing blend of answers to the question “Why is this important?” and “So how exactly do I do this?”.  The only drawback is that there is no index to the topics contained in the different PACE modules.  In order to have access to the material contained in these articles when I need it, I went ahead and grabbed the titles from each article along with the link.  What’s mine is yours, so I’ve provided the titles of all the articles in the series below.

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas to add.  And thanks to Carson-Delarosa and www.highreach.com for the great information that is available for CEUs for $55 a module but is available to us for free.

Encouraging Creativity in Young Children, Teacher, Do You See What I See, How Children Construct the Concept of Numbers, Listen Children, and You Will Hear – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579065.pdf

Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Settings, Incorporating Physical Activity Into the Curriculum, Gender Awareness and Stereotyping in Early Childhood, Choosing Gross Motor Equipment and Materials to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579066.pdf

Socialization and its Effects on Childhood Development, Inclusion of Children With Hearing Loss, Guidelines for Parents and Early Childhood Educators, How to Help Children Delay Gratification Through Make Believe Play – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/Vol1-No3-2008.pdf

Behavior Problems, Promoting Prosocial Behavior, Understanding and Preventing Obesity – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/Vol1-No4.pdf

Understanding Food Allergies, Managing Nut Allergies in a Child Care Setting, Critical Thinking and Reflection, Understanding Moral Development in Children – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579099.pdf

Language and Literacy in the Early Years – Why Infants Need You to Read to them, Let’s Talk Math With Young Children, Developing Children’s Observation Skills, Preparing Environments in Family Child Care Homes – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/PACEVol2-02.pdf  (I haven’t even read this yet and I already love it!)

Understanding Sleep and Children, There is Life Outside Your Classroom, Don’t Put That Poem Away – Use it Again Another Day, Understanding and Teaching Child Guidance and Discipline – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579101.pdf

Using Time Management Strategies to Work Smarter, Not Harder, Dialogic Reading:  An Effective Literacy Strategy For Young Children, Helping Grieving Children, Using Poetry and Songs to Enhance and Enrich the Teaching of Mathematical Concepts – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579102.pdf

Strategies for Working with Children with Autism, Children and Science, Understanding Child Development Theories and the Role of Play:  Piaget and Vygotsky, Managing Sensory Processing Disorder in the Preschool Classroom – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579108.pdf

My Pyramid for Preschoolers:  A New Tool for Caregivers (Nutrition), Big Movement:  Gross Motor Play in Early Childhood, A Preschool Teacher’s Back to Basics Guide to Hand and Fine Motor Development, The Effect of Teachers’ (or Homschooling Mom’s) Stress on their Students’ Academic Performance – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579109.pdf

Children are not Colorblind – How Children Learn Race, Circle Times or Morning Meetings – Make them Marvelous, Working With Parents to Nurture the Multiple Intelligences of Preschoolers, Discovering the Secrets of Teaching Science – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579110.pdf

Integrating Social Skills and Competence in the Early Childhood Curriculum (Okay, who’s been reading my mind?), Building Relationships – the Key to Developing Social Competence in Young Children (hmm, so maybe Michael Pearl knows a thing or two), Creating Optimal Environments For Toddlers, Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers – Relate, Explore, Expand, Inspire – http://www.highreach.com/highreach_cms/portals/0/pdf/579111.pdf