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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – Free Printables

A printable that spans the interest of my 2-year-old, my 4-year-old and my 6-year-old with Down syndrome?


Can you say JACKPOT?


This is a printable palm tree with all the letters of the alphabet in round circles (coconuts).

For the 2-year-old, I called out a letter and pointed to it and he dotted it with a bingo dauber.  As I pointed to it, I would say whether it was at the top of the page, the middle, the left or the right.  The point was just to give him exposure to the use of those words.

For the 4-year-old, I called out a letter and told her approximately where it was on the page, “near the top, near the bottom, in the middle, to the left, to the right, on the trunk.”  Since she already knows all her letters, she could find them on her own, and the use of the prepositions and directions gave her some good practice at these often overlooked words.  She would find the letter and dot it with the bingo dauber.

Noah – 6 with Down syndrome used this as a matching activity.  Before we started, I printed all the letters of the alphabet on some round pricing stickers I had.  I pointed to a letter on the printout, named it and pointed to the area on his sticker sheet where the matching letter was located.  He took off the sticker (yay fine motor skills!) and placed it on the matching letter on the printout.

When he was all finished, he took a bingo dauber and dotted all the stickers.  I don’t know what it is about those bingo daubers, buy my kids LOVE them!

Here’s the link to the free printable alphabet palm trees:


Lucy, I’m Home!

Remember those old “I Love Lucy” reruns (yes, I’m too young to have seen the first runs, thank you very much!).  Ricky comes home and Lucy is nowhere to be seen, so he hollers out to her.

Well, I feel like I’ve been away from my writing desk for too, too long and I’m happy to be back “home.”  I’m excited to have something new to share with you.

See, I’ve been bitten by the graphic design bug.  I love making printables to help Noah (6 – Down syndrome) with his delayed speech and apraxia issues and also for Sweet Bella (4), but my knowledge is so limited.  I figured out how to get this blog up and running, and I’ve been to the far side of the Internet and back, but I have not used a word processor in years, and I’ve never used presentation software or graphics programs, and to be frank, I can’t draw worth a dime.

But I have all these ideas in my head that are just dying to come out on paper (or screen to be more accurate), and to be honest, I’d love to find out if any of them are sellable.

So, as they say, “I’m going in!”  I have had a heck of a time trying to figure out what software people are using who sell things on sites like www.teacherspayteachers.com, but with a little help from a couple of great graphic designers I met yesterday (thanks John and Andre!), I’m at least starting off with Open Office Impress, which is free software similar to Power Point.  The software needed to produce the awesome stuff that you can buy over the internet these days must be the internet’s best kept secret.  Now that I know where to begin, I’m already designing and producing some of the things that were dancing in my head (after pulling a few late-nighters fighting with software, of course).

What does this mean to you?

Well, two things:  One, if you’ve been asking the question, what software do I use to make things to sell on sites like www.teacherspayteachers.com, the answer is you can at least get a good start with Open Office Impress (Presentation) or Power Point.

Number two:  As I learn how to create new styles of printables, you’ll be getting the first fruits for free, AND eventually in conjunction with freebies, I’ll also be opening a www.teacherspayteachers.com or similar-type store for those of you wanting more exhaustive packages.  For you free printable lovers, don’t worry, there’s lots more free stuff coming your way.

Now, for any of you sellers out there who are upset with me for sharing the big software secret with my readers, let me just say, I’d like them to be able to find the answers a lot easier than I did.  The open marketplace is all about creating excellent products and maintaining healthy competition.  So here’s to us!

Take a peek (and download) my latest creation – a Bingo Dauber Art (Do-A-Dot) Christmas tree just in time for December.

(Click thumbnail for printable PDF.)

My Littles LOVE these and will sit at the table for eons working on them.  Of course, stickers and stamps work just as well in the circles as bingo daubers.  I use these with Noah as motivators for his speaking words drills – say a word three times, you get to fill in a dot.  These are also great to use with small children or children with special needs who may not have a long enough attention span to finish a coloring sheet, but they are willing to sit and fill in the circles.  As you know, with children the finished product is not always as important as the fact that they finished it.  Training, training, training!  🙂