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E is for Egg

Easter egg craft

Another inspiration brought to you by Pinterest (click image for original pin).

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about the sensory value of Contact paper (clear plastic sticky shelf lining paper) experiences.  Back in the days before I had a laminator, I bought rolls and rolls of Contact paper to “laminate” file folder games.  I don’t need the Contact paper anymore, but I just knew I’d need it “someday.”  Well, someday finally came.

By the time we were done, all the children aged 2 through 10 had begged, whined and insisted on making their very own egg, and this mom was pretty pleased with herself for pulling off a pretty simple craft activity with beautiful results.

Activity:  Contact tissue paper egg


1.  1 sheet of construction paper

2.  Contact paper.

3.  Double-sided tape.

4.  2-inch or smaller tissue paper squares in a variety of colors.


  1. Cut Contact paper into an oval small enough to fit on construction paper.
  2.  Using four small pieces of double-sided tape, glue oval to construction paper.  (This is only temporary.)

3.  Carefully peel off backing of Contact paper, revealing the adhesive.

4.  Have your child cover the egg with tissue paper.

5.  Either laminate or place another layer of contact paper on top of the oval to sandwich the tissue paper.

6.  Recut the oval shape.

7.  Peel off the construction paper and discard any remaining tape.

8.  Tape to window . . . ah, pretty!