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Down Syndrome in the News: 10 Reasons Why I LOVE This Commercial

10.  I love kids, so any commercial with sweet and adorable children is a shoe in for me.

9.  I’m encouraged to see children with Down syndrome (or any special need) being thrown into the mix when it comes to services being offered to parents.

8.   While I will probably never use a website that hooks up potential babysitters/nannies to parents looking for babysitters/nannies (with extensive references, of course), I love the concept.

7.  I love to see women starting up creative companies that address the needs of mothers and wives.

6.  Carter Murai is so stinkin cute!

5.  Carter Murai is so stinkin cute!

4.   Carter Murai is so stinkin cute!

3.  Carter Murai is so stinkin cute!

2.  Carter Murai is so stinkin cute!


And if you’re wondering who in the world Carter Murai is, watch the commercial.  He’s the one with the toothy grin, fabulous speech and the extra chromosome.

Thanks, http://www.lovethatmax.com/2013/05/kids-with-special-needs-in-ads.html for bringing this great commercial to light, and thanks www.pediastaff.com for landing it in my mailbox.