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DIY Cardstock Book Tutorial

Whether your child has Down syndrome, autism, another language delay, or they are just struggling with a new concept, sometimes the need arises for a book that addresses a very specific word or concept.

Here’s an easy technique using cutting and folding to make a staple-free blank heavy-duty book from scratch, perfect for adding your own text and pictures.  These are great for teaching concepts and making predictable books for target sounds and words to use in the classroom, speech therapy room, or homeschool.

I’ve included pictures using two different colors of cardstock to help illustrate the process.


1.  Cardstock (or construction paper for flimsier books).

2.  Clear sealing/packaging tape.

3.  Scissors.


1.  Fold cardstock in half, short end to short end, and crease along middle fold.  (Each sheet will yield 4 pages including cover and back page.)  This process, unlike a typical stapled book, allows you to use quite a few pages of cardstock if desired.

2.  Open up card stock and cut half-way up the creased line on each page.

3.  Keep 1 sheet of cardstock with the cut slit on the bottom edge (A).  Flip other cardstock pages (B) so the cut slit is on the top edge.

4.  Fit sheets together so that the slit in the B pages slides into the slit in the A pages.

5.  Continue sliding top paper down until the top and bottom edges of all the sheets are aligned.

6.  Flip book over so the cover and end pages are face up.  Place a strip of tape along the spine of the book where each slit meets the opposite page.

7.  Flip the book back over and place a strip of tape along the center line of each 2-page spread making sure to keep the pages aligned.  (The tape serves to create a binding and anchor cut edges.)

Now your book is ready for customization using your text, photos, drawings, clip art and magazine pictures.

If you tackle this project, I’d love how to hear how you’re using it.  If you blog about it, send me a link!