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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

Since we closed on our new-to-us house and property, you may have noticed my blogging pretty much came to a standstill.  And now I’ve fallen into bloggers’ graveyard, but I’ll spare you a promise to return to my pre-downfall intensity.  Instead I’ll ask you to hang in there with me and know that whenever I’m able, hopefully more often than not, I’ll post on whatever is going on in our crazy little world.

For now, I have gotten to know our new little house more intimately than anyone should ever know a house.  I know what’s behind the walls, beneath the floors,


and behind the ceiling.



Ceiling tiles, really?

And the hubby says, “Alyson, would you rather keep the tiles or have a textured ceiling?”

And the unsuspecting wife says, “Well, if it’s not too big of a deal, a textured ceiling would be nice.”

And about four days later:


And now for the texturing:


A few minor repairs, paint the walls, and have Home Depot lay the floors was all it was supposed to take to get us in our house.  Home Depot dropped out once they saw the carpeting had been hiding a warped subfloor.  Looks like we’re on our own.

Three weeks later the walls haven’t been painted, the floor hasn’t been laid, and a few minor repairs has turned into a bit of a longer list.  Oh, and suddenly hubby decided the walls really needed to be textured.

And my husband’s two weeks off from work was used up a week ago.

So, we’re about three weeks behind schedule for now and can only put time in on the weekend and on weeknights.

Trinity (18) and Leah came with me last night and between the three of us we managed to texture the entire master bedroom and peel about half of the wallpaper in the kitchen.

Woo Hoo!

And here’s the one corner of the house that needs the least bit of repair – just a tile or two replaced (or so we think).  Isn’t this the craziest shower you’ve ever seen?  And this is just half of it.


Here’s the other half, and there’s a good amount of tile floor space in between the two sides.  Definitely the largest shower ever.  What in the world were the last owners doing in here?

Wait – don’t answer that.


We’re all taking the afternoon and evening off from the house – time for a little family togetherness, maybe a game of Putt Putt or two?

Tomorrow we’re having an expert come out to analyze the floor situation for us.  Cross your fingers.