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Free Printable Memory Game – How Will We Get to the Beach

We are continuing to enjoy How Will We Get to the Beach – A Guessing Game Story by Brigitte Luciani, illustrated by Eve Tharlet.

You can find our PEC story board activity here:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/category/picture-books-by-theme/beach-fun/.

Noah (6-with Down syndrome) loves playing the Memory Game, a.k.a. Concentration, so I made him a deck of cards to go with this fun book.  Incidentally, as I was looking over these cards, I realized How Will We Get to the Beach is not just a great summer-themed book, it also makes a great book for a transportation unit as Roxanne tries all kinds of transportation to get her and the baby to the beach.

Here are the cards – there’s two of each.  Laminate them and place them all face down.  Take turns turning two over trying to find a match.  Whoever ends the game with the most cards wins!  This is a great time to learn a few new vocabulary words and practice speech.

How Will We Get to the Beach Memory Game

You’ll find the free printable cards here:  How will we get to the beach memory game

As usual, thanks to www.mrsriley.com for giving me such an easy way to make these materials!