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The Napping House

I first heard about The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood when our local librarian read it for preschool story time.  When I decided to do an Around the House preschool theme, I knew we HAD to include this book.

Luckily I’m not the only one who loves this book.  I found some cute line drawings of the characters on-line.  I colored them, laminated them, stuck magnet tape on the back of them and Noah laid each character on a cookie sheet in the order we got to them in the book.  Fun!


I love using books for sequencing activities because Noah attends to the story so much better if he has something in front of him he is using to follow along with.  Sequencing is one of those preschool concepts that is foundational for so much learning.  To follow directions, you must understand sequencing; to comprehend a story, you must understand sequencing; to understand science concepts and cause and effect, you must understand sequencing; even math involves sequencing.


Here is a link to the free The Napping House printables over at www.kizclub.comhttp://www.kizclub.com/storypatterns/napping.pdf

We found lots of other Napping House activities over at Totally Tots:  http://totallytots.blogspot.com/search?q=napping+house.

Around the House Preschool Theme Picture Book List

My favorite thing about doing preschool themes is finding books that fall within our theme.  Since my goal in our Around the House theme is to familiarize Noah with different experiences and items common in our home, finding books for this unit was a blast.

Here are the books we’re working with while we’re on this theme:

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss – the classic around the house book

Where’s My Hug by Amy Hest – a sweet story about a bear who has a little cold and his mother who takes care of him.  Throughout the book there are pictures of and references to their house, bedroom, bed, chair, kitchen table, window, etc.

Helping Mother by Mary M. Landis – a Little Jewel Book published by Rod and Staff – Simple line drawing pictures with text about a little girl and how she helps her mother around the house, her own chores, and helping to take care of a baby sibling.  Rod and Staff is a Mennonite publisher of books for children with a strong emphasis on Christian values and teaching.

Baking Day by Jemima Tamme – another Little Jewel Book about a little girl helping her mother with the day’s baking and welcoming home Daddy at the end of the day.

Who Spilled the Milk? – Pictures by Martha Gradisher – A simple book about spilled milk that takes the reader from the kitchen to the bedroom.

The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton – Another classic taking a group of animals down the stairs, to the bathtub, to the drawers to find pajamas, to the bathroom to brush teeth, back upstairs, back downstairs and finally to bed.

Bunny Day by Rick Walton – A synopsis of a bunny family’s day around the house with a strong emphasis on routine, chores and time.  This book has lots of beautifully illustrated pictures.

The Berenstain Bears Clean House – by Stan and Jan Berenstain – Mama Bear is my hero in this book.  Take a whirlwind tour through the Berenstain house as they do some spring cleaning and prepare for a yard sale.

Numbers for Ten Tired Teddies by Prue Theobalds – A book with just one sentence per page using numbers to progress through a routine including snack, bath, story time and finally being tucked into bed.

The Napping House – The classic predictable book that chronicles several members of a household taking a nap on a rainy day.  Fun whimsical illustrations add to the delight of this story full of repetitive phrases.

Goodnight Moon– A great book for vocabulary and articulation practice.  The first half of the book introduces things around the “great green room,” and the second half of the book has the reader saying good-night to each item previously named.

While we’re on the Around the House theme, we’ll be using several of these books as the basis for our activities, and I’ll be sharing those in the days ahead.

How about you – what are your favorite around the house books?

Theme for the “Week” – Around the House

For Noah’s (5 – Down syndrome) age group, weekly themes are all the rage in preschool and kindergarten programs.  Considering how many ideas I have for each theme and how limited my actual sit-down with Noah time is, I’m finding “weekly” themes to be too limiting.  So I’m throwing the word “week” out of Theme for the Week.  Okay, actually, I’m throwing out “For the Week.”  Still loving themes, it’s just who needs a five-day limit in homeschooling, right?

We’ve already covered how I’ve become a little disillusioned with letters of the week where all our activities are based on a particular letter, so we’re moving on to more creative themes.  There are a million websites out there with preschool themes on them, but with Noah needing so much work in receptive and expressive language, I’m wanting to try some themes a little more familiar and relevant to Noah. 

This week we’re starting with a theme about the place where Noah spends most of his time:  Around the House. 

Another new development is that I’m concerned about the time I spend drilling every day with Noah.  He grows more resistent by the day, and no amount of training and structure is going to change the fact that drilling makes Noah very unhappy.  I’m all about efficiency, but in remembering the bigger picture here, I’m also realizing that by forcing him to endure a daily session that he finds so unpleasant, I’m also training him to dislike school time with mom, and that will be a bigger problem than articulation in the long run. 

So hold on to your hats, and join us as we continue our quest to find creative and enjoyable ways for Noah to find his voice, not to mention our quest for Mom to think outside of the box.