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Pinned It, Did It – Free Printable Alphabet and Initial Sound Strips for Matching


DSC08586Let’s for it for not having to reinvent the wheel!

I found these free printable alphabet strips and initial sound strips over on Pinterest from The Toddler House.  Laminated, cut and paired with some alphabet magnets, these strips were the perfect practice tool for matching letter to letter and initial sound to corresponding picture. Noah (6 with Down syndrome) did the letter match, and Bella (4) did the picture/letter match.  For those of you looking for cookie sheet activities – this is perfect.  Noah used our nifty metal door for his background.

Next time we do this, I’m going to take it one step further and write the letters under the pictures in dry erase markers and let Noah use the “hints” to match letter to picture. Learning for these little guys is all about baby steps and modifying activities to match their ability level.

For the original pin, go here: http://pinterest.com/pin/234961305531046225/

For the site with a link to the free printable PDF files, go to http://www.geocities.com/thetoddlerhouse824/abccenters.html.