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A Pin A Day – A Day Late and a Dollar Short

All right, so I’m going with this Pinned it and Did it idea.  I figure it’s an accountability thing for me to make sure I don’t wind up wasting time pinning and never really using it.  I thought it was a rather brilliant idea, rather Julia and Julia-ish.  Turns out there are lots of bloggers out there already doing it.  Most of them are calling it a Pin a Day.  I’m going to try it just Monday through Friday, and maybe make it five a week instead of breaking it down to one a day.  I’ll stick with Pinned it and Did it, but my goal is to actually use one pin a day, be it recipes, toddler activities, cleaning tips, printables, you get the idea.  Not sure I’ll have time to blog them all, but maybe I can at least provide the link.

How are you you using Pinterest?