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Potty Training Reminders ala Picture Cards

Do you ever remind your child not to potty in his diaper only to have him stare at you blankly like he has no idea what you are talking about?  Do you feel like you just might not be getting through to him?  Well times that by three and there I am.  I’ve had three littles in diapers for two years now.  As much as I love my babies, enough already!!!!!  How can I have three in diapers?  Well, first consider Noah has Down syndrome, and we were ready to give him a little extra time and space to reach the “I’m a big boy now” stage.  Never mind that he started using the potty earlier than our other children did because Daddy did such a good job in teaching him.  He’ll go just about every time we take him.  I just figured he would have moved on by now to the “I need to go pah-teeeeeeee” stage.  No such luck – a mere 4 years later.  Next, we have Bella, age 3.  Gasp, yes, she’s 3 and still not potty trained.  My “neurotypical” children (who aren’t so neurotypical now that I think about it) start reading at 3 but don’t potty train until close to 4.  Go figure.  And finally, pulling up the rear, no pun intended, we have Seth, almost 2, who is starting to show a little curiosity about toilet training.

So, what to do?  It would be nice to cut down diaper changing time around here to five minutes from the current 15 (and that’s  on a good day).  I’ve been thinking about sandwiching lately.  That’s that concept that first year marriage counselors teach you where you say something positive , then you say what you really mean, and then you say something positive again.  Except I’ve added a little twist, and a few picture cards of course.  Take a look here, for a  boy version, and for the girl version.  When you arrive at the site, click the preview button, then click continue, and it will take you straight to the file.  Remember, you can print this out (along with everything else you can imagine)  just for registering for a free trial subscription to  If you just want to look, when you arrive at the site, click on the preview button and it will take you to the file.

I’m going to try this with all three littles and see who responds.  I figure if I take them potty every hour and show them the picture board 30 minutes between potty breaks, we might be on to something.

Chime in if you try this at your house.  I’d also LOVE, yes LOVE to hear if you’ve stumbled onto something creative that works with your little (or not so little ones).

Note:  I hear a lot of people say, “Don’t worry, he’ll potty train when he is ready.”  Well, I met a young adult the other day with Down syndrome whose parents fell for that one, and they are STILL waiting!!!!  Hmmm.

More on potty training later.