Is a Camel a Mammal and Other Musings

Seeing as this is the first week of the new school year, our letter of the week is A.
A is for animals.
As unorganized as I am, I actually do love order. So teaching my little ones (Noah 7 DS, Bella 6 and Seth 4) about animal classification is a fun little project for me.
We talked about the qualities of mammals, arachnids, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish today.
Anybody know what kind of animal an armadillo is?
Would you believe a mammal?
It’s true. Alongside their hard shell you will find a hairy body.
So in talking about mammals, Bella very excitedly pointed out that she knows she is a mammal because she has hairy arms.
I said, “That’s right, you are a mammal.”
Then she said very dramatically, “Daddy is DEFINATELY a mammal.”

Guys, it just doesn’t get any more hysterical than this.
Does anybody know – did we ever laugh before we had kids? Did we ever have these moments of pure joy when time stops and love just takes over?

“Daddy is DEFINATELY a mammal.”

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

A little sidenote here. If you are teaching the classification system to your children, it is important to remember that while scientists classify humans as within the animal kingdom, God makes a definite distinction between animals and man in the account of creation in Genesis. This can be a great time to introduce that scientists have discovered many wonderful things, but some of those things are refuted by what the Bible says. Science is valuable, but theories come and go and even “facts” get disproved and tossed by the wayside. God’s word stands forever. It is trustworthy and righteous. We and our children can stand on it no matter what the “great minds” of our culture present as truth.

Have a blessed day! More animal antics to come!

2 thoughts on “Is a Camel a Mammal and Other Musings”

  1. I enjoy your blog and the “realness” of life that you share. Thank you! I agree, life has much more joy and humor with children! Guess that’s one of the many reasons we are on adoption #3&4! I’m just about old enough to be their granmother. I’m not ready to stop being mom! Love the daily blessings and joys that children bring!!

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