Christmas Carols in Room 23

I spent this evening singing Christmas carols.

With my siblings.

For my father.

In Room 23.

Hope the other patients didn’t mind.

Watching him slip away, cancer being overtaken by pneumonia.

Medications withdrawn.

The hours slip away while we watch and wait. Yesterday his eyes were open.

Today they are closed.

We switch to the songs he sang with us as children.


And then that single lonely tear.

He is still in there.

Breath more labored by the hour.

We have another song or two to sing.

Tomorrow starts in-patient hospice.

Pray for Cal.

(This didn’t get posted until today. The above was written the evening of December 17th. My father passed away December 18th around 1:00 in the morning. He will be HOME for Christmas.)

2 thoughts on “Christmas Carols in Room 23”

    1. Thank you, sweet sister and my most loyal reader (even when I neglect writing about anything remotely relevant to my header). I went through photos of my dad today from back when I was a kid, and they made me smile. I forgot to be sad. So I think perhaps that is progress.

      I treasure your comments and appreciate you touching base!

      I was talking to my 19-year-old the other day, and she was asking about music back in the day. We realized she listens to a lot of what I used to like. When I told her I was a Pearl Jam fan, she told me I was the coolest mom EVER.

      Geez. If I would have known that was the ticket, we could have skipped countless trips to Chuck E. Cheese and that awesome year I took her to Disney Land.

      Blessings to you, and thanks again!


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