App Review and Give-Away – Zorbit’s Math Adventure

When I was asked to review Zorbit’s Math Adventure,, the first thing that caught my attention was the price. What could this app possibly have that justified the hefty price of $3.99? One download and a tap later, my question started to be answered. Zorbit is heavy on graphics and audio and actually contains six distinct early math games. Each game is heavily scripted, leaving the viewer wondering, “Is this an educational game or is it a story?”.

The answer is it’s both.

And if your kids are like mine, they’ll decide it’s a story and will be so engrossed in the plot, they won’t even realize they are doing math.

Any reservations I had about the likability of the characters were wiped out after watching my Littles (Bella 5, Seth 3 and Noah 6-DS) choose to spend their daily iPad time on Zorbit every day this week. To understand the appeal of the characters, think Star Trek meets the Smurfs. Enough said?

I couldn’t keep my older kids away from the iPad when my Littles were playing this game. that’s how much they liked the plot line and characters in this app. Several times I found Eden (8) and Andres (9) watching, completely absorbed in Zorbit’s plot. Leah (11) and Andres chose to spend some of their iPad time on Zorbit this week as well. Leah just enjoyed the first following directions game, but Andres found all the games enjoyable. When I asked Andres his take on Zorbit, he said he loved the story, but having to feed the coins to the bubble gum machine took too long. In other words, he is quite convinced the point of the app is to tell a story.

Allow me a small disclaimer here, though. The math involved in Zorbit is extremely basic – preschool to kindergarten-Ish, although it’s a perfect fit for my 6-year-old (Noah) with Down syndrome as well. Any value beyond kindergarten I feel is strictly remedial or entertainment. That being said, the entertainment is violence-free and character strong – no violence or disrespectful language. I admit I did not allow my children to play the game number three because we have far too much potty talk around here as it is, and that particular game had an alien burping, passing gas and pooping. Hilarious stuff, though, for your average pre-schooler.

I attempted to detail each of the six games that make up Zorbit’s Math Adventure but quickly ditched that idea because of the sheer amount of activities found within each game. The concepts covered are more easily described: Following oral directions, numbers 1-20, counting, number identification, number sequencing, shape recognition, positional words and adjectives like long/short and wide/narrow, colors, and on it goes. Here are some screenshots of the different games to give you an idea of the graphic quality of Zorbit’s Math Adventure.


  • 20130911-175811.jpg




    Overall, I was very pleased with this app. It really goes beyond your typical preschool app in so many ways. My favorite feature is the way Zorbit presents new concepts through the animation in a clear concise manner and then quickly turns the presentation into a simple yet entertaining game. The flow is seamless, and this one app could easily keep your child entertained and learning for months.

    Kudos to the folks over at Zorbit’s Math Adventure for this well thought out app. In exchange for the promise of writing an honest review, I received one copy of the app plus a second copy to be delivered to one of my wonderful readers. If you would like to be that wonderful reader, leave me a comment below, and your name will be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced next Friday, September 20th. And if you just can’t wait that long to get your hands on this app, you can buy your own copy at the App Store:


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    1. We have really enjoyed ABCMouse. The kids absolutely love it and sing along with several of the different songs. We look forward to trying this app too! -Tim

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