Dry Èrase Crayons + Plastic = Mess-Free Hands

A friend told me the other day that her preschoolers were using china markers to trace letters on laminated worksheets.

How brilliant is that? Writing from china markers, a.k.a. grease pencils, has the uncanny ability to stay put until you very purposefully wipe it off.

No more smeared writing, no more dry erase marker all over the side of my children’s hands from resting them on top of their writing.

My only problem was figuring out where to buy china markers. I looked all over Wal-Mart. No luck, but I didn’t want to spend my Saturday Solitude searching all over Austin for a silly china marker. Surely, I thought, I could find something at Wal-Mart that I could substitute in. That’s how I came up with the dry-erase crayons. The fact they come 8 colors to a box was a nice bonus.

dry erase crayons

In just a few days’ time, we’ve discovered not only do they work well on laminated worksheets; they also work on windows, glass, binders, and just about any plastic surface. Oh, and of course they work brilliantly on white boards! We’re using them to label the spines of our school binders. When we’re finished with the binder, we can wipe off the writing and use it for something else.

Shopping for a new year’s worth of school supplies is so much fun for homeschoolers because we Mommies get to stock up too. What’s new in your stash?


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