ABC Mouse – Free Language Rich App To Teach the ABCs

I stumbled across an impressive app the other day that I’ve been dying to share with you.

Our kids love the silver screen, don’t they (and now-a-days all screens are silver)? Even on Sundays, our designated screen-free day for the kids, Noah (6-Down syndrome)signs “watch” with a hopeful gleem in his eye at least 20 times.

Every day except Sunday, then, you can find Noah spending at least some of his iPad time on ABCmouse, which you can find here at the App Store:

Just what is ABCmouse?

Take a look:
From this screen, your child chooses which letter he wants to watch the video for. The video/songs are lively, set to different types of music, and full of words and sounds that begin with the letter selected. The colorful cartoon graphics are just right for the typical 3-year-old child or any-aged child beginning alphabet work.


Here is a shot of some of the video; notice the kids will be getting the sounds of the letters as well as the words on the screen – a great combo for early literacy.

The best part? Definately all the opportunities for Noah to imitate the silly little sounds on the videos that get him practicing different phoenemes. It does this momma good to hear silly sounds coming from the other room that I didn’t have to conjole out of Noah.

A close runner up to the best part would be the fact that the entire app is free. Your child starts off only being able to access the first few letter videos, but he collects “tickets” from each video he watches which he can then redeem for more videos. If your impatient and want it all and want it now, you can purchase the additional videos, but my kids have actually been having fun “buying them” with what they’ve earned using the app.

I don’t know if this app is going to remain free, so drop everything (except your iPad) and download today!

Until next time . . .


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