DIY Optical Illusion – Cool Mommy Rides Again

Yesterday, the kids were clamoring for child/mommy time which roughly translated means quality time.

“What? We’re together 24/7/365 – aren’t you getting enough child/mommy time?”

The unanimous answer was “NO!”

True story.

So I guess all that time we spend cleaning, folding laundry and running errands doesn’t count.

Seizing the opportunity to justify getting on Pinterest in the middle of the day, I jumped on my Kids Arts and Crafts board; see it here:

The pin itself is here:

And the original post/picture tutorial is here:

I also found this free video tutorial on U-Tube: This is a fun little video with a funky beat playing in the background – a nice touch for the younger set.

With my focus on visual learning, I found it very interesting that both tutorials were done with visual steps only, no words. I had no idea I was a strong visual learner myself. I never would have been able to do this by written or spoken instructions; yet, it was really easy to just imitate the pictures.

Andres’ (9 – Chiari malformation decompressed August 2012) neuropsych report mentioned that it is difficult for him to listen and watch at the same time. I didn’t get it at the time. I mean, who wouldn’t benefit from hearing words as well as seeing something done at the same time? Now I get it.

Mental note – Use step-by-step pictures, video or demonstration to teach Noah (6 with Down syndrome) and Andres new processes.

I am a disaster when it comes to art, but I thought this project turned out fabulously.

And Eden got her child/mommy time.


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