Heart Monitors and Stress Tests

For the first time since Bella was born (5 years ago), it’s MY turn to see the specialist. My pulse seems to stay above 100 even at rest. Last week at the cardiologist I was congratulated for being a good patient – when they took my pulse, they captured it at 112. Most people’s symptoms seem to disappear upon entering the office only to reappear the moment they get back in the car. I’ve never hit 112 before at rest that I know of – what can I say, I’m an over-achiever.

So Saturday they did a complete blood workup on me, and today I’m off for an echocardiogram and stress test. I really dislike exercise of any sort, and I’ve never even been on a treadmill, so this should be fun. NOT! And did I mention I have to fast? Personally, I think they’d get a much better picture of how my body handles stress if they set up their equipment at my house about 9:00 when I’m getting the kids ready for bed all by myself, again, while hubby is working on the new house we were supposed to be in two months ago. Now THAT’s stress!

I guess that’s what the 7-day arrhythmia monitor is for.

My friend who knows the details of our home purchase and remodel laughed when I told her about all this – she said she is not surprised my heart is beating over a hundred times per minute.

I feel like Frankenstein – at the end of this, they’ll pronounce me alive and I can take my toys and go home.

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